Flanigan Hummingbird Club Memberships


Flanigan’s Texas Distillery & Winery wants to make sure you never find yourself without great whiskeys, spirits or wines. Our premium spirits and wines are great to share with friends, cherish over an intimate dinner or store in your cellar to enjoy for any occasion.

PURPLE HUMMINGBIRD WINE CLUB:  Take a flight with the Purple Hummingbird and keep your wine cellar fully stocked for any occasion.  We make it easy by sending Flanigan’s wines – right to your door.  Our wine club keeps you stocked up to share great wine with friends, cherish over an intimate dinner, or store in your cellar to enjoy in the future.

GREEN HUMMINGBIRD SPIRIT CLUB:  The Green Hummingbird will get your Irish up with our premium spirits and whiskeys.  But please take note:  In Texas and the United States, this is a pick-up club only.  Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) has placed limitations on shipping of spirits and whiskeys in Texas and within the United States, therefore WE CAN NOT SHIP BOTTLES OF OUR WHISKEY AND SPIRITS WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.  All bottles must be picked up at the distillery.

BLUE HUMMINGBIRD MIXED WINE AND SPIRIT CLUB:  The flight of the Blue Hummingbird takes you to the best of both worlds.  With this club you can select both wine and spirits to purchase.  But remember as stated above, WE CANNOT SHIP BOTTLES OF OUR WHISKEY AND SPIRITS WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.  We are happy to ship your wine selections where permissible, but all spirits must be picked up at the distillery.

GOLDEN HUMMINGBIRD CELLAR CLUB:  Fly high with the Golden Hummingbird.  Simply purchase a case (12 bottles) of wine or a mix of 12 bottles including spirits and wines, with a 15% discount and let the benefits begin.  Flanigan’s membership includes a wide range of benefits at the Distillery and Winery and from home.  No file credit card is needed for this club.

Click on the club color you prefer and get lots more details.  Join our family today!!  Experience our fine whiskeys, premier wines, as well as preferred pricing on our housemade provisions, and more. Flanigan’s offers hospitality at its finest.

PURPLE HUMMINGBIRD                                     GREEN HUMMINGBIRD                                      BLUE HUMMINGBIRD                                         GOLD HUMMINGBIRD


All Hummingbird Clubs include the following benefits:

  • No startup membership fees
  • Member ID Card
  • Wine Club will receive three pick-ups/shipments per year
  • Spirit Club will receive three pick-ups per year
  • Each member can enjoy up to 2 complimentary tastings (wine or spirits) per quarter when visiting Flanigan’s Distillery & Winery tasting room
  • 15% off spirits and wine
  • 10% off logo merchandise
  • 20% off multiple wine case purchases
  • Discounts are only for club members
  • Emailed invitations to monthly parties, exclusive discounts, special events and winery news!

At Flanigan’s we believe in the more the merrier!!  However, your Flanigan’s Distillery & Winery Club privileges and discounts are for you and your spouse or significant other only. We do not extend discounts and privileges to anyone by association so if you are visiting the distillery and winery with some friends or family remember, they are welcome to join the Flanigan’s family of club members at anytime.  We don’t charge to become part of the club!

Questions, contact hello@flanigansdistillery.com

Download Flyer to Join Today: Hummingbird Club Member Brochure

Flanigan Passport Club Memberships

Welcome to the Flanigan’s Distillery & Winery Sunday Dinner Passport Club! Flanigan’s home cooked Sunday Dinners are great to share with family and friends.

You can choose from one of our three types of Passport Memberships. As a member you will receive discounts and special offers to events.
Choose between 3, 6 or 12 Dinners per quarter. You can use them however you’d like; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, with family or friends. Any unused Dinners will roll over to the next quarter.

Benefits Include:

  • Discounted pre-purchased Dinners
  • Personalized Membership Passport
  • 10% off all food purchases Wed – Sat
  • Emailed monthly menu, invitations to monthly parties, exclusive discounts, special events and Flanigan’s news!

Your credit card will be charged the first week of the quarter (Jan, Apr, July and Oct). Flanigan’s Distillery & Winery has a very strict privacy policy and all credit information will be kept confidential. Our membership list will never be sold, disclosed or traded.

Sunday Dinner Passport Travels

  • January – Great Britain
  • February – France
  • March – Ireland
  • April – Thailand
  • May – Mexico
  • June – Spain
  • July – Texas
  • August – Greece
  • September – India
  • October – Germany
  • November – America
  • December – Italy

For more information or questions, contact us at hello@flanigansdistillery.com.

Download Flyer to Join Today:  Sunday Dinner Passport Club Brochure