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Flanigan Wine Club Membership

Welcome to the Flanigan’s Texas Distillery & Winery Wine Club Membership!  Flanigan’s premium wine are great to share with friends, cherish over an intimate dinner or store in your cellar to enjoy in the future.  To help you keep you stocked up on our premium wine.

We are sure our wine club membership can fit your needs.  As a member you will receive discounts on Flanigan’s Wine, Spirits and Food.

Benefits Include:

 ¨ No startup membership fees.

¨ Flat fee of $65 per quarter for your choice of select three bottles of wine quarterly (Feb, May, Aug & Nov).

¨ Wine Club members will receive:

  • 20% discount on all Wine or Spirit purchases.
  • 15% discount on food purchases.
  • 30% discount for a 12 or more wine bottle purchase.
  • 2 free glasses of wine each quarter.

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Current Wine List




Off Dry White Blend, light body and crisp, slight acidic hints of flowers, summer fruits, spices and earthy.









2015 Chardonnay

2015 Chardonnay

Crispy and fruity unoaked Chardonnay, offers floral nose with hints of fig and slight caramelization. On the palate it suggests notes of green apple and honeydew that ends gracefully with a classic Chardonnay finish.

This is a crowd pleasing Chardonnay that is incredibly food-friendly, the acidity and freshness are the core of this well-balanced wine.






2015 Marmalada


Medium Body Sweet Blend with low acidity with hints of fruit and herbs








2015 The Bear
The Bear

The Bear 

Dry Blend of Merlot & Sangiovese; full body, rich, tannic with hints of tart fruit, spices and earthy








2013 Tannat
2013 Tannat

2013 Tannat

Very Dry Tannat; full body, tannic, astringent with hints herbs, spices, dark fruit and earthy