The Creature

Texas Poteen: Irish style Moonshine distilled from Potatoes. Poitín (Poteen) is traditionally distilled in a small pot still and the term is a diminutive of the Irish word pota, meaning “pot”.


Texas American Gothic

Aged Potato Spirit: The Creature becomes tamed and softened by the rich smoky caramel flavors from a charred oak barrel. Spicy elements marry spun sugar notes.


The Patriot

Texas Sipping Whiskey: distilled from Corn then aged in American Oak Barrel. Not just your average corn whiskey. This has been crafted to bring forward the subtle corn flavors yet polished with a smooth finish.


Texas Grappa

Flanigan’s is reinventing Grappa.  Grape pomace from the remains of our wine production is distilled and aged in American Oak Barrel.  We take a “waste not, want not” attitude and continue on after wine production to create this wonderfully smooth liquid gold.